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National taekwondo players train on millions of years old travertines

Cemar Travertine-Marble Quarry, operating in the Kula district of Manisa, hosted the training of national taekwondo players with European and World championships. The show of taekwondo players training on travertines formed over millions of years was astounding.

Cemar Travertine-Mermer, which has one of the largest travertine quarries in the world with a reserve of 270 million cubic meters and covers an area of 900 thousand square meters in Manisa, one of the important cities in the mining sector of Turkey, which has 35 percent of the world's natural stone reserves, continues its support to sports and athletes. Cemar Traverten-Mermer, which has recently become the uniform sponsor of Manisa Football Club in addition to amateur sports, hosted national taekwondo players in its businesses this time in order to draw attention to the taekwondo branch. Bahri Tanrıkulu, who announced his candidacy for president at the General Assembly of the Turkish Taekwondo Federation to be held in 2024, and who won 3 World Championships, 5 European Championships and came second in the 2004 Athens Olympics, together with Caucasus Sports Club Taekwondo Coach Ramazan Akçadağ and national athletes, visited the travertine quarry and met millions of years ago. He trained on travertine stones. The performance of the athletes in the training, which was held to promote the factory and draw attention to the taekwondo branch, was astounding. Cemar Mermer-Travertine General Manager Yusuf Yalçın stated that they were very happy to host Turkish Taekwondo Federation Presidential Candidate and national taekwondo athlete Bahri Tanrıkulu and the athletes in their business, and said that their support for sports and athletes will continue uninterruptedly.

European and World Champion Bahri Tanrıkulu said, "I am a 5-time European champion, 3-time World champion in the Taekwondo branch and I came second in the Athens Olympics held in 2004. After the 2012 London Olympics, I ended my active sportsmanship. Later, I started working as a consultant at the Ministry of Youth and Sports. I have been a presidential candidate for the Turkish Taekwondo Federation since 2019. Our election campaign is going very well. We were candidates again in the elections held in 2021. We got a very good result there. Hopefully, I will participate in the races as a presidential candidate in the Turkish Taekwondo Federation elections to be held in 2024. Hopefully we will become the president of the federation. Our team is fine. We are working on this issue as well. I would like to thank our friends who support us in advance. I would also like to thank Cemar Mermer, who helped us in every way during these processes. Today, we had a great shoot in these facilities with my dear athlete brothers. I think these shoots went very well. There will be good advertisements for both the promotion of the taekwondo branch and the promotion of the factory. "I would like to thank Cemar Mermer's management and team, especially Ahmet Öksüz, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Cemar Mermer, who supported us here," he said.

National taekwondo players train on millions of years old travertines